International Wednesday Party - GDL - Conexión México
International Wednesday Party – GDL

Miércoles 16 de enero de 2019


ConexionGDL presents #InternationalWednesdayParty:


International Wednesday Party will be the night where Mexicans and Exchange students from all universities are going crazy together at the great Lola Lolita.


Every semester we receive hundreds of international students in our city, so it’s time to welcome them all to our beloved Guadalajara.


Be ready to celebrate your arrival with the best and craziest attitude!



Wednesday, January 16th – starts at 10pm


Lola Lolita



  • Girls – $200 pesos

Openbar until 02:30am


  • Guys – $200 pesos

4 beers or 2 drinks



Unlimited available
IWP GDL - Women$ 200.00

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Unlimited available
IWP GDL - Men$ 200.00

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