9 rommies
5 bathrooms
Calle Palermo # 2957, Colonia Providencia, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.


This house has 9 very comfortable, fully furnished and spacious rooms. Casa Palermo has a huge living room, perfect to spend chilled afternoon  with your roommates, a stereo, sofas and a TV  with  cable.  The  kitchen  is  fully  equipped  with  all  the  necessary  things  to  enjoy  cooking  great meals.  You will enjoy the sun and fresh air on the terrace of the house.










Security Cameras



Common areas

Fingerprint access


The Casa Palermo is located in one of the most popular neighborhoods of Guadalajara, Providencia. This Conexion house, close to supermarkets, shops, restaurants and bars, is the ideal place to stay for exchange students who recently came to settle in the city of Guadalajara. With area restaurants and bars within walking distance of just 5 minutes, this property is very well located and the transportation network make the ride easy to the different universities: Tec de Monterrey, Universidad Panamericana, CUCS , CUCSH , Y CUCEA



Room 1 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Shared bathroom. $3,900.00
Room 2 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Shared bathroom. $3,900.00
Room 3 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Shared bathroom. $4,800.00
Room 4 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Shared bathroom. $4,800.00
Room 5 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Private bathroom. $5,500.00
Room 6 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Shared bathroom. $4,200.00
Room 7 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Shared bathroom. $4,800.00
Room 8 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Shared bathroom. $4,800.00
Room 9 Double bed, personal desk, chair and closet space. Private bathroom. $4,800.00


All fees and services are included in the monthly rent; Internet, digital cable TV, electricity, water, gas, and cleaning service for the common areas of the house twice a week.


To get a room it is required to pay the Conexion Security desposit($3,000 MX)
which includes:

-Booking of the room.

-Transportation from the Airport to Conexion house.

-Sheets and pillows for the bed.

-15 % of discount on some Conexion trips.

-Free entrances to Conexion parties.

-Welcome Barbecue for all the roomates.

-Welcome Kit


-The contract minimum length is 5 months (from January to May or January to June and from August to December) and it has to be signed within the first 2 days after you arrival.

-The first month of rent must be paid the first or second day after your arrival at the house. The last month of rent must be paid before, or during the first 5 days after your arrival in Mexico.

-At the end of your stay you will get back the deposit, as long as you pay the minimum 5 months of contract.

-To get back your security deposit you have to give back your room cleaned and in the same conditions as you received it after paying 5 months of rent.

We understand that choosing a room in a new country can be a difficult choice to make. And we know that there can be special circumstances that could change your plans before coming into your new house. These next points, explain the process for any cancellations and the costs it implies.

1.-Cancellations within the first 5 days after you made your reservation payment. 

During this 5-days period you can contact us and ask for a cancellation, we will analyze your case and the full amount may be reimbursed.

2.-Cancellations after your arrival. 

If you decide to cancel your room after you have signed the contract and moving into your room, you are tied to the terms of the agreement on which you decided to participate. This means that the payment of the reservation, and the first and last month of the rent are not refundable.”


Once you paid the Conexion security deposit, you are entitled to a free pickup service from the airport to your new house. Don’t forget to fill this form so we can have all your flight information:


What is the security deposit used for?
The security deposit is refundable as long as the house and your room are in the same condition as they were given to you by the end of your stay. Any damage to the property will be deducted from this deposit

How do I pay the rent?
It has to be paid by cash to the housing conexion manager.

When do I pay the rent?
The contract starts on your arrival date and the monthly rent has to be paid on the first day of each month in cash

What is not included?
The rent doesn’t include the cleaning service of the rooms or any extra cleaning service, towels or any other items for personal use.

$ 3,000.00