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I ❤️ Mx Bucket Hat

$ 400.00

I 🌶 MX Sweatshirt

$ 700.00
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Conexion Community Pass

$ 1,490.00

Special sale until 15th august!


The premium card includes: 

  • 11 Themed Parties
  • 15 Erasmus F*** Wednesday
  • Giveaways, discounts and more surprises!


Special price for Conexion roomies: $990 pesos

Normal price: $1,490 pesos


Why choosing the Conexion Community Pass?

-Have an exclusive access to ALL the parties happening throughout the semester

-Make sure to get your spot before anyone else or before sold-out

-Gain access to exclusive giveaways, irresistible discounts, and a multitude of surprises that will keep you on your toes throughout the semester

-Save money (more than $2,500 pesos)

-Enjoy your semester to the fullest!


Where will I receive the Conexion Community Pass?

A Conexion member will give it to you at your house.




Be part of our party lover’s community and embark on a semester-long journey filled with 26 incredible parties!


Be part of our great community of friends

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