Barranca de Huentitán
By conexion-gdl28/11/2019


International food shops
By conexion-gdl28/11/2019

City Market 

Una Belga en México
By conexion-gdl27/11/2019

En este artículo les contaré mi experiencia en Guadalajara. Viví en esta ciudad durante 3 meses para hacer mi práctica. Soy estudiante en turismo, así fue interesante para mí ir al extranjero para realizarla. Quería ir a México para mejorar mi español, pero también tenía curiosidad acerca del funcionamiento de las agencias de viajes en México.

Los 10 mejores bares de la Ciudad de México
By conexion-gdl14/11/2019

Si viven en Ciudad de México o simplemente han decidido irse de viaje por allá y buscan un lugar chido para tomar, este artículo está hecho para ustedes.

10 things to do in Mexico City
By conexion-gdl05/11/2019

You live in Mexico City or you want to go there for one weekend but you don’t know what to do or what to see in the city? This article will help you to find the best activities to do and the most beautiful places to discover in Mexico City!

10 things to do in Guadalajara
By conexion-gdl26/09/2019

You have just arrived in Guadalajara and you are wondering what to do and see in the city? This article will help you find out what are the best activities to do and the most beautiful places to discover in Guadalajara!

My first days in Mexico
By conexion-gdl16/07/2019

Choosing Mexico as a destination for an academic exchange was a challenge for me. I already knew I would enjoy this semester, but I still had some apprehensions about going to the other side of the world for 6 months.

Tips for your first week in Mexico
By conexion-gdl16/06/2019

How to survive in Mexico?

The best apps to have during your semester
By conexion-gdl15/06/2019

It would make you life easier if you download these apps


I choose Mexico and I didn’t regret it!
By conexion-gdl10/06/2019

My first memory of Mexico was feeling the heat getting out of the airport. This was a big change compare to France but I quickly got used to it and enjoyed it!

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