My first days in Mexico
By conexion-gdl16/07/2019

Choosing Mexico as a destination for an academic exchange was a challenge for me. I already knew I would enjoy this semester, but I still had some apprehensions about going to the other side of the world for 6 months.

Tips for your first week in Mexico
By conexion-gdl16/06/2019

How to survive in Mexico?

The best apps to have during your semester
By conexion-gdl15/06/2019

It would make you life easier if you download these apps


I choose Mexico and I didn’t regret it!
By conexion-gdl10/06/2019

My first memory of Mexico was feeling the heat getting out of the airport. This was a big change compare to France but I quickly got used to it and enjoyed it!

10 advices to live in Mexico!
By Conexión México06/06/2019

Follow these advices!


Expressions and words you will be using this semester
By conexion-gdl06/06/2019

Using all these expressions and Mexicans word will fill you with Mexicans vibes

What to pack for Mexico
By conexion-gdl06/06/2019

What you shouldn’t forget in your suitcase

10 things you need to bring in your suitcase to live in Mexico!
By Conexión México06/06/2019

Don't forget these things

1) Un adaptador (mismo que en los Estados Unidos).

Lugares para viajar con amigos en México
By conexion-gdl05/06/2019


Best hidden places in Mexico
By conexion-gdl05/06/2019



1 - Hierve el agua 

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