Tips for your first week in Mexico


How to survive during your first week in Mexico. We give you some tips and advices to organize the beginning of your exchange semester!


How to get a SIM card?

If you don’t already have one that works in Mexico you can go to an AT&T or Telcel boutique to get one. You can have different plans, with more or less gigabytes of internet.

You also have another option if you don’t want to subscribe to a plan, you can go to an OXXO. There, you can buy a chip, and recharge it with the amount of money you want, every time you want.
Don’t forget to check before arriving here that your phone is unblocked by your operator.


How to get to point B from point A?

If you want to go somewhere, there are different ways to get around. You can use public transportation which includes trains, buses or bikes. Tickets prices are variable from one city to another but it stays really affordable for students who can benefit of special prices.

If you don’t know where you are going you can download the app “Moovit” where are indexed every lines of public transportation. Finding your itinerary is very easy.

Just be careful not to be delayed by the traffic. Moreover, don’t forget to make a sign to the bus-driver when he’s coming or you will be left by the roadside.


How to get to know your neighborhood?

During your first week in Mexico you should try to get around and walk around where you are living. This will help you to know where are located the little commerce like Oxxo, Farmacia, 7eleven or the most needed services like banks or ATM.

You can also download the app “FourSquare” which is a city guide to find the bests bars, restaurants, and activities around you.


Are you ready to hear a new language ?

And even if you already speak Spanish you will learn a lot of “modismos” which are idioms. They are expression or a phrase that does not follow regular rules of grammar. The meaning cannot be predicted form the meaning of its individual parts. They are a lot and Mexican people use them all the time.


Where to go to do some grocery shopping?

There are two major supermarkets which are Walmart and Soriana. Both are very accessible and affordable. Also, you can go to a “Mercado” to buy fresh produce which are cheaper and really good.


Don’t drink the tap water:

You will have to buy “garrafones” which are big bottles of 25 litres. In Mexico you have two major water companies which are aguaciel and bonafont. You will have to call them and they will come at your house to exchange empty garrafones with full ones.

Here are the apps you should download to make your exchange semester easier:

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