Best hidden places in Mexico
By conexion-gdl03/07/2018



1 - Hierve el agua 

The coolest bars in Guadalajara
By conexion-gdl02/07/2018

Bars you should go during your semester in GDL


Las mejores ciudades para ser joven en México
By conexion-gdl27/06/2018

¿Qué características tiene una buena ciudad, cuáles son los intereses y preocupaciones de sus habitantes?


Best way to make money while studying in Mexico
By conexion-gdl25/06/2018

Be a #ConexionAmbassador


What to pack for Mexico
By conexion-gdl25/06/2018

What you shouldn’t forget in your suitcase

Expressions and words you will be using this semester
By conexion-gdl18/06/2018

Using all these expressions and Mexicans word will fill you with Mexicans vibes

The best apps to have during your semester
By conexion-gdl14/06/2018

It would make you life easier if you download these apps


Ten dishes you must try in Mexico!
By conexion-gdl13/06/2018


Tips for your first week in Mexico
By conexion-gdl06/06/2018

How to survive in Mexico?

I choose Mexico and I didn’t regret it!
By conexion-gdl06/06/2018

My first memory of Mexico was feeling the heat getting out of the airport. This was a big change compare to France but I quickly got used to it and enjoyed it!

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