Best way to make money while studying in Mexico

Want to earn extra money and get free trips and events, we have all the tips for you bellow!


Be a #ConexionAmbassador and make extra money studying in Mexico

What is a #ConexionAmbassador?

If you are young, if you like going out, if you want to discover different parts of Mexico and always learn more about different cultures: this article is for you.

Be a ConexionAmbassador and help us during your semester to spread out our events and trips to all your new friends in your university and with your new roommates. You will be always surrounded by exchange students from all over the world. You will go out with them, travel with them, exchange with them. Let’s make more friends from others countries!


What’s the job?

For the trips and parties we organize, you will be a part of our team. Young people represents our values and what we provide for exchange students.

Being a #ConexionAmbassador is helping students to live in an other country with a different culture.


What are the benefits?

You will enjoy our parties without any fees and spend the greatest nights with Conexion and all the exchange students.

For our trips, you can have them for free, you will have fun and discover hidden places of Mexico.


So, if you want to be an Ambassador, be part of the Conexion Crew and be part of our international community, you can fill out this  form:


Contact us and be a part of a really amazing experience

Be part of our great community of friends

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