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Tips for your exchange semester in Mexico

Tips for your exchange semester in Mexico . . Before packing your suitcase to go to this incredible country, we are going to give you some tips for your exchange semester in Mexico. . . Get vaccinated Before leaving for your exchange semester in Mexico, it is strongly recommended that you get vaccinated. Especially if […]

Vivir con roomies en una casa Conexion

.Vivir con roomies en una casa Conexion . Me llamo Mélanie, soy una estudiante francesa en Lenguas y Comercio Internacional. ¡Te voy a contar mi formidable experiencia de vivir con roomies en una casa Conexion en Guadalajara! Para terminar mi licenciatura tenía que hacer un semestre al extranjero. Elegí hacer prácticas, y escogí México porque […]

The best apps for your semester abroad

. Studying abroad is challenging and you might feel a little lost at the beginning. But these apps will help you make your exchange semester abroad easier and more exciting.  . Moovit : to move across the city            This apps is so useful if you want to go somewhere you don’t know. It […]

I choose Mexico for my exchange semester and I didn’t regret it!

. When you decide to go on a student exchange semester, you will always ask this question to yourself: Where to go? It’s definitely not an easy decision and I will explain why Mexico is the best choise you can make!  My first week in Guadalajara My first memory of my exchange semester in Mexico […]

10 advices to live in México!

live in México Follow these advices!  1) Nunca toma agua de la llave del lavabo porque no es potable.  Never drink the tap water because it’s not potable.  . 2) Cuídate del chile. Prueba las salsas antes de ponerlas en tu plato porque son muy picantes. Don’t trust the chili. Taste the sauces before putting […]

Expressions and Mexican words you will be using this semester

. Using all these expressions and Mexican words will fill you with Mexicans vibes . “Chido” This famous mexican words means “cool”. If you are seeing something really cool you are going to say : “¡qué chido!”. For example you go to the beach and the landscape is really nice so you say “Esta playa está chida […]

What to pack for Mexico

. What you shouldn’t forget in your suitcase! Pack for Mexico ELECTRONICS Adaptor: If your plugs aren’t the same that in Mexico, don’t forget it to pack for Mexico or you will be annoyed to go to get a new one at the store. Flash drive: to save all your memories (photos, videos…), and there […]

10 things you need to bring in your suitcase to live in Mexico!

Don’t forget to bring these objects in your suitcase when you plan your trip to Mexico! . 1. Un adaptador (mismo que en los Estados Unidos). First, an adapter (same as in the United States). You’ll be able to charge your mobile phone directly when you get to Mexico! . 2. Repelente para los mosquitos. […]

Best way to make money while studying in Mexico

Want to earn extra money and get free trips and events, we have all the tips for you bellow!   Be a #ConexionAmbassador and make extra money studying in Mexico What is a #ConexionAmbassador? If you are young, if you like going out, if you want to discover different parts of Mexico and always learn […]

Mensaje de adiós

Mi intercambio en México   . Primer paso hacia mi intercambio en México En febrero 2014, tuve que elegir entre más de 150 lugares para hacer mi intercambio. Inmediatamente, elegí Guadalajara, México, sin saber realmente que esperar, pero con la sensación que iba a vivir algo increíble. No me decepcioné, y aprendí que existe un […]