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Conexion Community Pass (GDL)

$ 1,490.00

I 🌶 Mexico T-Shirt.

$ 400.00
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Conexion Travel Pass (GDL)

$ 7,590.00


-Conexion Housing Roomies: $6,490 pesos

-Normal Price: $7,590 pesos


What’s included:

3rd to 5th of February. Monday 5th it’s a holiday in Mexico!

Connect with all the exchange students since your arrival to Mexico with our welcome trip.


27th of January or 17th of February. 2 Dates available for you to choose.

Embark on a mesmerizing journey to a Tequila Magical Town in Mexico. Wander through tipical Mexican streets lined with vibrant agave fields, witness the art of tequila-making in a historic distillery, and savor the spirit of Mexico in every sip.


15th till 18th of March. Monday 18th it’s a holiday in Mexico!

Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders as you explore turquoise waterfalls, navigate crystalline rivers, and traverse lush rainforests. Dive into thrilling activities like cave exploration and river rafting, discovering the untouched beauty of this extraordinary region.



  • Get the Conexion Travel Pass online or with our team.
  • You will get your QR code ticket one week before each trip.



-Rafting at Huasteca Trip is not included.

-Only 100 travel passes available.

-Once you get your pass, you will have your spot for each trip secure. Nevertheless, we will ask for your confirmation one week before each trip.

-No refunds are available.

-Pass cannot be transferred totally or partially. It’s only for personal use.

¡Date prisa! Solo quedan 50 en existencias.


Welcome to Mexico, where vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes await you! Introducing the Conexion Travel Pass – your key to unlocking the wonders of this diverse and enchanting country with strangers that will become family.


Pass Features:

-Great Adventures: Discover Mexico from the turquoise rivers and cascades of Huasteca Potosina, to the surfing beaches of Sayulita, and the magic town of Tequila.

-Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Mexico.

-Seamless Transportation: Enjoy hassle-free travel with included transportation in our trips. Getting around has never been more convenient.

-Exclusive Discounts: Your pass comes with an exclusive discount applied to our 3 main trips of the semester. Save up to $2,500 pesos!



Be part of our great community of friends

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