10 things to do in Mexico City


You live in Mexico City or you want to go there for one weekend but you don’t know what to do or what to see in the city? This article will help you to find the best activities to do and the most beautiful places to discover in Mexico City!


1. Centro histórico

The historic center is the heart of the city where you can find some monuments from the Aztec era. The emblematic monuments of this area are the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the Palacio Nacional, the metropolitan Cathedral and there are also some museums to visit such as the museum of Arte Popular, the museum of Mexico City, the museum “el Templo Mayor”, etc.


2. Mirador de la Torre Latino

The “Torre Latino” is a skyscraper situated in the historic center of Mexico. It’s one of the most important monument in Mexico City thanks to its central position, its height (183 m; 44 floors) and its history. As you climb up to the top of this tower, you will see an exceptional view. But you can also do some activities in the “Torre Latino” like going to the museum of Mexico City, the Bicentenary museum and there are also different restaurants. For more information about all the activities offers by the “Torre Latino”, you can go on their website.


3. Comer en la calle

Mexico City is well known for his street’s food. In every block of the city you can smell the Mexican food. You can eat a lot of different food in the streets such as tlacoyos, tacos, tortas, elotes & esquites, quesadillas, etc. However, the “Tlacoyo” is one of typical dish of Mexico City. It is composed by a thick corn dough filled with potatoes, beans, onions and cilantro and it can be eaten with a green or red sauce.


4. Mercados de la ciudad

This city has different markets, for example: the Mercado la Merced, the Mercado de Xochimilco, the Mercado San Juan, etc. There is also the “Ciudadela” market which is one of the most important craft markets in the world and it is one of the most important tourist places in Mexico City. All the products are made by Mexican hands produced with different materials. It’s obviously the best place to buy a souvenir!


5. El pulque

The Pulque is a milky-white alcoholic drink made by fermenting the sap of the maguey plant. This Mexican drink was considering as the beverage of the elite during the Aztec era. Mexico City has some of the country’s best pulquerías. One of the best places of the city to try a Pulqueria is the “Pulquería Las Duelistas”. It’s probably the oldest bar where you can drink different flavors of Pulqueria as mint, coffee, red wine. Another place where you can go for a Pulqueria is the “Pulqueria el salon Casino”. This old bar, of almost 100 years, continues to be one of the favorite one for the locals and the visitors.


6. La lucha libre

The Lucha libre is the second most popular sport in Mexico after the soccer. The Lucha libre is like the USA wrestling. It is a form of entertainment that combines sporting and theatrical performance. The city has 2 different arenas that offer this kind of show: Mexico and Coliseo.


7. Trajineras en Xochimilco

Xochimilco is a world heritage site, recognized by the UNESCO since 1987. This place is known for his ascetic boats which are really colorful. On the boat, you can enjoy the tour while eating, drinking and you can even listen to Mariachi music.


8. Castillo de Chapultepec

The city of Mexico has a forest called “el bosque de Chapultepec”. It’s located near the Condesa area and has around 500 hectares of surrounding land. You have the opportunity to do several activities in that park such as the Chapultepec castle, the national museum of Anthropology, the museum of Modern art, the Tamayo Museum and the Los Niños Heroes Monument.  In addition the park organizes some events. On the website of the Chapultepec park, you can see all the activities that the park offers.


9. Roma y Condesa

The Roma and Condesa district are situated next to each other in the southwest of the city, just next to the forest of Chapultepec. Firstly, the Roma neighborhood is known for its bohemian and artsy atmosphere. And Condesa is one of the Mexico City’s fashionable district with a European atmosphere. This neighborhood attracts a lot of artists, students, intellectuals and young business people. You can have a drink at one of those attractive bars for young people in these two areas.

10. Teotihuacán

Teotihuacán is an ancient Mesoamerican city, an archaeological site located about 40 km north of Mexico City. It is famous for its large pyramids dedicated to the sun and the moon, but the site also contains beautiful murals and carvings. In addition you can visit several museums to explore the history of the city. This archaeological site is one of the largest and most important archaeological sites in Mexico. You shouldn’t miss it if you go to Mexico City.

We hope that now you have good ideas for visiting this city and that you will have a good time there. One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored. You can also find where to travel with your friends in Mexico: https://www.conexionmexico.com.mx/lugares-para-viajar-con-amigos-en-mexico/

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