How much does it cost to live in Guadalajara ?

.How much does it cost to live in Guadalajara?


Guadalajara is a modern city while preserving its traditions and charm. It is currently one of the favorite cities of the young Mexicans and foreigners.

In Guadalajara there are excellent universities and the city offers a good quality of life.

If you are considering moving to Guadalajara we will tells you how much it costs to live in this beautiful city.



The rent of the rooms in Guadalajara in a shared house/flat is around $4,500 pesos. It depends mainly on the area where you decide to live. And there is a lot of supply on the real estate market.

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You will find the best areas and accommodation to live according to your needs!



Moving around Guadalajara is very easy thanks to the two train lines and the bus network. The average cost of transportation is $9 pesos. Uber is also available in Guadalajara so you will be able to get around faster.



To save as much money as possible, we recommend you to buy groceries at the supermarket. Plan to spend an average of $1,500 pesos per month. Of course you won’t always eat at home! So consider that an average meal outside ranges from $70 pesos (street food) to $200 pesos (restaurant food).

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Guadalajara has a wide range of entertainment. We suggest you to visit the Chapultepec Avenue where you will find a lot of restaurants and bars. Moreover if you have dinner and a drink, plan to spend on average $500 pesos.


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So on average, the cost to live in Guadalajara is between $8,000 and $10,000 pesos per month.

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