The best apps for your semester abroad


Studying abroad is challenging and you might feel a little lost at the beginning. But these apps will help you make your exchange semester abroad easier and more exciting. 


Moovit : to move across the city

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This apps is so useful if you want to go somewhere you don’t know. It combines bus app, train app, subway app, or a metro app. Moovit gives you total control over your journey. Whether you commute to university every day or travel in other cities, Moovit has it all. This platform allows you to plan a bike trip in between train stations and bus stops or bike all the way to your destination.
You just have to put your destination in the apps and it will suggest you different itineraries, with different means of transport.


   Uber: quick and easy !


If you don’t want to use public transportation, or just go to your destination in a quickly you can use Uber. Easy to use you just have to put your destination address and choose what type of ride do you want. You have many choices.

– You have the Uber pool: you will share the car with someone and the driver will detour to get someone else. It will be a longer but a cheaper trip.
– You have the private Uber: which is just for you, the driver will pick you up and drop you at your destination.
You also have others options like, you can choose a SUV if you are with a group of friends.

With Uber, you just tap to request your ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit or cash. If you want to go somewhere with your friends, you can also share the ride. You just have to put their phone numbers in the apps and it’s done.


Rappi: save your time!


Rappi is a useful app. It allows you to order basically what you what and to get it deliver at the location you want. You can order food, cash, grocery shopping, medicine…

You can also order the driver to get something somewhere and get it dropped at your house.  Rappi is your helping hand! It helps you save your time.

If you are at home, you’re hungry but too lazy to go out and buy some food, no problem, just one click it will be delivered at your place.


    Tricount: to share the bill


Tricount is the simple solution to share bills with friends and roommates and settle up debts so everyone gets paid back. This app can be a good solution when you travel with friends.  For example, if you go on a trip and every person pay something, it’s difficult to know how much every person needs to repay to everyone. With this app it makes the sharing part easier. You just have to share the link with your friend and it’s done.


 Foursquare city guide: find what you want, where you want


This app is made to find every activity you want to do. With it you can find the best restaurants, bars and much more. It will lead you to what you are looking for. It’s easy to use and really helpful when you don’t know the city. You will discover many good places thanks to this app.

You can search every kind of service: sports, food, games, museums, supermakets…
 The advantage to this app is that you can also read comments from others users. So you can have a first approach of the place you want to go before going.


       Whatsapp: the best app for your semester abroads obviously !


This app is the first one to have for your semester abroad. In Mexico, even if you have a Mexican number, you will only use the app Whatsapp. Everyone use it.

In one hand, it allows you to stay in touch with your family which will be in another country. In the other hand it allows you to have group chat, even with people who don’t have a Mexican number.
You can text, you can make calls or even video calls. You can send GIF, photo and videos too.


XE currency: how much ?


If you are coming from another country it means that you are not use to pay in pesos. Maybe you know the currency exchange rate but if you are not good in math you will be lost at the beginning of your stay. During the firsts weeks you will always want to convert the price from pesos to your money to know how much money you are spending. So in this case I advise you to download this kind of app.


Wordreference: to understand every word

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If you are not perfectly bilingual, you will sometimes have some troubles to find your words. Even if you have a good Spanish, it will happen to find yourself in this awkward situation when you have forgotten a word. With this app you can translate a word from basically every language to an other. You can also find the conjugation if you want to text someone and had forgot the appropriate tense. Even in class, if there is a word you didn’t understand you can type it on your phone and ride away you will know the translation.

The opportunities when you study in Mexico are countless. You  will learn a new language, meet new people and discover a new lifestyle! Find out all our advices for the best semester in Mexico.

We hope that this article helps you to have an idea of the best apps for your semester abroad and to get ready for this new experience!

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