I choose Mexico for my exchange semester and I didn’t regret it!


When you decide to go on a student exchange semester, you will always ask this question to yourself: Where to go? It’s definitely not an easy decision and I will explain why Mexico is the best choise you can make! 

My first week in Guadalajara

My first memory of my exchange semester in Mexico was feeling the heat getting out of the airport. This was a big change compare to France but I quickly got used to it and enjoyed it!

During only the first week I discovered many cool things and it was the beginning of the Mexican life. I could meet a new culture that is very different from mine in many ways. By new culture I mean, a new gastronomy really spicy, new minds, new hours for everything, new traditions and customs.

I met amazing people always ready to help you and obviously, go out with you to enjoy Mexican parties and dance all night on reggaeton vibes until seeing the sunrise. By living in Mexico you will get to know the famous Tequila. It’s the national drink that makes the atmosphere lively during the parties.

Living in a Conexion House

Another really cool experience was living with roommates. They are going to be your new best friends, and you are going to share unforgettable experiences and unique moments with them. You are going to share your culture and they are going to share their own with you. With this exchange you learn more about the world and also about yourself.

I can say that living with people from a different culture makes you grow up and be more open-minded. You are all coming from different countries, but at the end you are sharing a language, some experiences, many trips: a new life abroad.

Discovering Mexico as an exchange student

I recommend you to take as many trips as you can. This is the best way to discover different parts of Mexico which is a big country that hide beautiful places, remote villages, big cities, colored views and hidden paradise.

In 5 months I could go to 10 states and every time I gain knowledge about the Mexican life. Every state has very different landscapes. You can go to Yucatan and see beautiful beaches of white sand and turquoise water or nature reserve. And if you go to Oaxaca you will be surrounded by mountains and valleys.

Many states hide traces and pieces of work from Mayan or Native people such as in Quintana-Roo, Chiapas or Mexico.

My exchange semester in Mexico was one of the best decision I took in my life. I know I will not forget it, it was a very enriching experience in my life. I always wanted to know others cultures. Going to Mexico only has increased my will to discover others parts of the world. Being in an other country is a real self-fulfillment. Mexico is a rich country that will surprise you more than you can think about.

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