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10 things you need to bring in your suitcase to live in Mexico!

Don’t forget to bring these objects in your suitcase when you plan your trip to Mexico!


1. Un adaptador (mismo que en los Estados Unidos).

First, an adapter (same as in the United States). You’ll be able to charge your mobile phone directly when you get to Mexico!


2. Repelente para los mosquitos.

Secondly, a repellent for mosquitoes. That’ll keep you from scratching all night! Haha


3. Crema para las comezones de insectos.

Then, a cream for itches due to insects bites. If you forget the mosquito repellent, for instance.


4. Bloqueador.

It’s very important to have a block cream! Because Mexico is synonymous with sunshine!


5. Crema para las quemaduras del sol.

And therefore also a cream for sunburn. Because you should always moisturize your skin after being in the sun.


6. Una Guía de viaje, México es muy grande es importante de conocer los lugares a visitar y planear sus viajes.

A travel guide is always useful. Mexico is a very large country it’s important to know the places to visit and plan your trips.


7. Una cobija para los viajes en camiones (mucho aire acondicionado).

After that, a blanket for travels in bus (lot of air conditioning). Because as a result, you can get sick


8. Tu bikini.

Don’t forget your bikini! Mexico has many heavenly beaches!


9. Una chamara para las noches de invierno.

But also a sweater, for the winter nights. Because nights in Mexico can be cold.


10. Un backpack (mochila) para viajar más a gusto.

And then, a backpack to travel more comfortable. It’s always more convenient! 


PD: ¡Si vienes de Europa no te lleves tu secador de pelo en tu maleta ya que la potencial no está igual aquí, no funcionará bien!

PS: If you come from Europe do not bring your hair dryer in your suitcase, the power here is not the same, it will not work well!

.Esperamos que este articulo te ayudo a saber que tienes que llevar contigo a México y te deseamos un excelente viaje!

We hope that this article helps you to know what to bring in your suitcase for Mexico and we wish you a excellent trip!

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